The team at Unichem Alexandra Pharmacy offer a wide range of services, many of which are available with no prescription or appointment necessary.

We have a great team of friendly pharmacists who are available to provide these consultations, so come and talk to the team today.

Influenza Vaccination

We have staff that are trained and authorised to give flu vaccines to individuals 3 years and older. Duration 5 minutes. Price $38

B12 Injection

Vitamin B12 is necessary for making red blood cells and is important for the health of nerve cells and the formation of genetic material. Initial symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include dizziness and fatigue. Without treatment, deficiency can result in worsening anaemia, damage to the nervous system and other health issues. Duration 20 minutes. Price $20

AIA Vitality Health Check

Getting a snapshot of your health can be done at our pharmacy. Our teams are well trained to provide an AIA Vitality Health Check via a number of tests that are easy to understand and can provide information for you to share with your Doctor.. Duration 30 minutes

Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence Consultation

Consultation with the pharmacist will take about 20 minutes the first time and will include a short health check including taking your blood pressure. Repeat supplies will only take a few minutes to supply, provided your health hasn’t changed since. Sildenafil isn’t suitable for all men. Duration 20 minutes. Price $40

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment

For Urinary Tract Infections, often referred to as cystitis or bladder infection, make pharmacy your first point of call for advice and treatment options. Our pharmacists will work through a thorough checklist to ensure certain criteria are met before supplying the medicine. Duration 20 minutes. Price $40

Emergency Contraception (ECP)

Our pharmacists are trained to assess whether the ECP is appropriate for you. This is done in a confidential manner. The ECP works best if taken as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse but may be taken up to 72 hours after. Duration 20 minutes. Price $25

Smoking Cessation

Pharmacy staff are trained to provide a service to help people to stop smoking. This service includes advice and providing quit smoking support aids e.g. nicotine gum. Duration 20 minutes

Oral Contraception

Our specially trained pharmacists can supply selected oral contraceptives without a prescription under certain circumstances. Up to six months’ supply of selected oral contraceptives can be sold to women who have previously been prescribed the same oral contraceptive within the last three years and who have not developed any risk factors. Duration 30 minutes. Price $40 + prescription cost

Measles Vaccination (MMR)

The MMR vaccine is a vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles). The first dose is generally given to children around 9 months to 15 months of age, with a second dose at 15 months to 6 years of age, with at least 4 weeks between the doses. Duration 20 minutes

Whooping Cough Vaccination

Unichem Pharmacists can provide the whooping cough vaccine to adults 18 years and older. Talk to your Unichem Pharmacist to see if the whooping cough vaccination is right for you. Duration 20 minutes. Price $60

Cholestrol Testing

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy material carried in the bloodstream. Your
body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to build cell walls, and to
make bile acids and sex hormones. Get yours tested today. Duration 20 minutes. Price $40

INR Testing

We offer INR testing within our pharmacy, and your INR result is instant! Our trained pharmacists can adjust your dose immediately. Duration 10 minutes. Price $10

Covid-19 Vaccination

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step you can take to protect yourself, your kaumātua and whānau from the effects of the virus. Duration 10 minutes

Supervised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) for International Travel

Info. Duration 15 minutes. Price $50

Pre-departure testing and vaccine passports

Some travellers must now have a negative pre-departure test result and supporting documentation to travel overseas.

Passport Photos

We offer a digital photo service that ensures you have photos that meet
your online or postal passport requirements. Our teams have been trained to ensure your passport photos adhere to New Zealand Government regulations.

Blood Pressure

One in five adults has high blood pressure (hypertension) and most don’t know it. There are usually no warning signs that your blood pressure is high and you may feel well – until damage occurs.The only way to find out is to have your blood pressure measured. Our Pharmacists can give you a blood pressure test - no appointment needed. Duration 5 minutes. Price $10

Medicine Use Review Service

(MUR) Medicines Use Review Service enables our pharmacists to work with people who are on complex medicine regimens or have difficulty managing their medications. Our pharmacists are MUR accredited and can ensure
that you have access to the medicines you need, and that you have the tools, information and understanding to enable you to take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

Sachet Robot

A simple and effective way to manage your medicines without the need to handle multiple bottles and packaging. Price from $6/month. Please email us for more information.

Ear Piercing

We have staff who have completed appropriate training, so you can feel confident your piercing is being completed in a hygienic and safe environment.

Photo Prints

We have 2 FujiFilm photo kiosks available instore to print your photos. You can even do this from the comfort of your own home. Download the App now.

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Disability Aids

We have a wheelchair available to hire. Book online today.


We offer a home delivery service within the Alexandra and Clyde areas for a $6 fee. We are able to deliver for free if you are in managed isolation. If you live rurally please contact us to arrange delivery for managed isolation. 

DNA Testing

DNA holds the blueprint to how your body responds to the world around it. Discover exactly what you body needs to thrive. Price starting from $399.

Cardiaction Screening Test

Got a spare 20 minutes that could save your life? In just 20 minutes a non-invasive CardiAction screening test will suggest your heart disease risk factors and recommend a corrective action plan. Duration 20 minutes Price $79.99